Virion – audiobook promo
Virion - inspired swordsman, who along with twenty other losers defeated the Moy legion. How did a boy from a good home become a ruthless killing machine? Murder, jail and escape from the hunters' gang is probably not a reason to go this way. Or maybe from the beginning someone up in the sky had planned that his destiny will be the path of the sword and the piles of corpses.

Promotional movie made in the studio of Polish Radio during the recording of an audiobook "Virion – prophecy". Original novel written by Andrzej Ziemiański.

Long version of this teaser can be found here.


camera: Maciek Jabłoński / F11
edit & grading: Maciek Jabłoński / F11
music: Audioteka
client: Audioteka
October, 2017
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