Those Who Read The Wind
"Balloons started humankind’s triumph over space. Even though constantly developing technology led to the creation of supersonic aircraft and travelling by air now belongs to everyday life, balloons have stayed in the sky and have never been in retreat. The magic of a balloon flight is truly addictive. There are no boundaries between the pilot and the airspace - no cabin, fairings or casings. This communion with space can be sensed by anyone who experiences a balloon flight. With the exception of moments when burners are operating, it is very quiet, one can even hear the ground - people, animals, machines, cities and villages. The wind is almost insensible, since a balloon in level flight - not climbing or descending – moves at the wind’s velocity. I love morning flights in spring. Overflying the light green tree tops at low altitude, I peep into birds’ nests…" – Jacek Bogdański, quote from the photo album "Those Who Read The Wind".

"Those Who Read The Wind" is a photo album that we had the pleasure to develop and publish. This is a limited release containing around eighty black and white photographs by Jakub Sagan.


photos by: Jakub Sagan
photo editing: Iwona El Tanbouli-Jablonska / F11
art directing, graphic design, printing preparation, DTP: Iwona El Tanbouli-Jablonska, Maciej Jabłoński / F11
DTP support: Wojtek Kobalczyk
print management, production: Leszek Marcinkowski  / F11
printing house: Pozkal
movie teaser: Maciej Jabłoński / F11
music: Audio Network /
project website: Those Who Read The Wind
November, 2020
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