In April 2014 S/Y Selma Expeditions sailed for a trip called Selma - Antarctica - Perseverance. This one-year trip was to sail around Cape Horn, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean to Australia. There, in December 2014, the Selma crew took part in the Rolex Sydney Hobart acht Race and then sail for the coldest in the world and the most inaccessible Antarctic basin – The Ross Sea. The main purpose of the trip was to reach the Bay of Whales and attempt to break the world record in sailing the farthest south by a sailing yacht. Until then only a few yachts entered the Ross Sea but none reached its end. So it was probably the last „Everest-like” achievement in sailing that nobody has ever entered.

Selma – a real adventure from the end of the world is an amazing film story of an 11-man crew under the direction of Piotr Kuźniar. They decide to close on the yacht for 4 months without knowing if they will be able to return safely. Their breakneck goal is reaching the Bay of Whales. This is a historic place – from where less than 100 years ago – the expeditions of the first Antarctic explorers such as Amundsen, Scott or Shackleton began. Is Antarctica both dangerous and inaccessible then and today? How far can you push the limits of ones endurance and determination to find out? Selma’s film cruise to the Ross Sea is touching the real end of the world. It’s a story about cooperation, friendship and determination in achieving a goal. And all this in the beautiful, virgine scenery of ice landscapes, among which there were shots of phenomena never filmed before as escaping from the freezing Ross Sea.

The crew’s reaching the Bay of Whales and setting a sailing world record (reaching point 78º 43’ 926’’ S, 163º 40’ 957’’ W) was entered in the Guinness World Records.

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realization: Maciek Jabłoński / F11
screenplay: Dominik Szczepański, Iwona El Tanbouli - Jabłońska, Maciek Jabłoński
cameras: Maciek Jabłoński, Krzysztof Jasica, Miłosz Dąbrowski, Piotr Kozdryk, Grzegorz Proszowski, Piotr Lubaczewski, Piotr Kania, Artur Skrzyszowski
music: Maciek Jabłoński,
media patronage: National Geographic Poland
promotiona & art patronage: Anna Chudziak
cast: S/Y Selma Expeditions crew – Piotr Kuźniar (skipper), Tomasz Łopata (co-skipper), Krzysztof Jasica (co-skipper), Michał Gawron, Dušan Jamný, Piotr Lubaczewski, Krzysztof Pełka, Leszek Rychlik, Artur Skrzyszowski, Damian Święs, Jacek Załuski & Małgorzata Wojtaczka, Marta Grabowska, Błażej Worsztynowicz, Grzegorz Proszowski, Volodymyr Korzh
production: F11 - Studio & Selma Expeditions /


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