Rumbling of the drums, the smell of the African jungle and the drama at Kilimanjaro summit. Uncertainty at the top and the unrestrained joy during running down from the "Roof of Africa" - all this (and much more) in the film relation, which is a record of an amazing challenge taken by a group of daredevils in December 2017. "Kilithon" is a testimony of a running adventure at the highest level - literally and figuratively. This dynamically portrayed story takes us to the dark continent in an extreme version, specifically in the middle of the event called Kilimanjaro Extreme Marathon. A group of positive madmen, first in a murderously short time of five days, conquers the top of the holy mountain of Tanzania. After a night spent at 5700 m above sea level they escape from the top of it, beating the distance of the marathon along the way. At the same time, "Kilithon" is not just a video projection, a naked record of the struggle of amateur athletes. In addition to registering a new world record (Kilimanjaro Extreme Marathon is officially the highest starting marathon on Earth), it delves into the expectations, desires and motivations of the participants. It tries to answer the viewer with the question: "why bother so, why risk it?" Youthful rebellion clashes with mature responsibility, a hot heart must recognize the superiority of cold calculation and the strongest must take care of the weaker. Her Majesty Kilimanjaro is tempting but even tamed does not forgive mistakes. And this is it what the movie is about.
Mikołaj Kowalski - Barysznikow

Movie taken during the marathon held at the highest altitude on Earth - 5.985 metres, that is +500 metres higher than the marathon on Mt. Everest. The route of the race covered Kilimanjaro National Park, and to begin the marathon, at competitors had to reach the highest mountain in Africa. Kilimanjaro Extreme Marathon took place on 9 December 2017 and it was the first successful attempt to organise an official, international race on Kilimanjaro. The initiator and organiser of the event is a Pole – Michał Gawron.
The race had started at Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak, at the altitude of 5.985 metres. Until now, a marathon beginning in the highest place on Earth was Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon with the starting line at the altitude of 5.363 metres. Thus, the run from Kilimanjaro not only has the chance to take the title of the highest marathon on Earth away from it, but also officially apply for the first place in „Guinness World Records” in this category.

Full version of this movie can be view here (actually private link).


camera: Maciek Jabłoński / F11
supported camera: Iwona El Tanbouli - Jabłońska / F11
gopro: Mikołaj Kowalski - Barysznikow, Maciej Pawlicki, Michał Gawron
drone: Maciek Jabłoński / F11, Piotr Kędziora
edit & color: Maciek Jabłoński / F11
photos: Iwona El Tanbouli-Jablonska / F11, Piotr Dymus
production: Michał Gawron
medical support: Polish Medical Mission
project partners: The North Face, Canon Poland, GoPro
technical partners: Sferis, DJI
March, 2018
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