Guido Coal Mine – promotional movie
Set of promotional movies done for Polish Tourist Organization. The aim of this campaign was to promote the places selected by the Polish Tourist Organization in Poland recognized as particularly interesting due to their landscape, tourist or cultural values.

Guido Coal Mine is the real underground adventure. Two excellently preserved mining levels are waiting for tourists 170 and 320 metres below the surface. One can  go there with the authentic elevator (in Silesia called “shola”), the same that is used in active coal mines. During the tour one can see what type of dangers wait for the miners working underground and thanks to the multimedia effects almost “feel” the first-hand experience on yourself. GUIDO is a superb adventure!

Full version of this movie can be view here.


camera & edit: Maciek Jabłoński / F11
photos: Iwona El Tanbouli-Jablonska / F11
production and coordination: Maugo Kubaś
client: National Geographic Poland & Polish Tourist Organization
September, 2018
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