Go with us to the mountains
"I don't know if the mountains are infinity or not. It seems to me that in the mountains you can experience some kind of confrontation with your own smallness in the face of this majesty, this strength." – summer High Tatra Mountains trip with Decathlon Poland.


camera: Maciek Jabłoński / F11
photos: Jerry Gądek
aerial shoots: Maciek Jabłoński / F11
edit & grading: Maciek Jabłoński / F11
models: Aleksandra Świstow, Jerry Gądek, Jan Adamiec, Radzimir Burzyński
mountain guide & narrator: Magdalena Derezińska - Osiecka
production: Marzena Nieszporek / National Geographic Poland
music: Audio Network / audionetwork.com
for: Decathlon Poland / w-gory.decathlon.pl

August, 2019
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