24.11.2012 graphic design, photography & video, print management Jacek Poremba photo album Unique set of commercial and personal works

This book is almost complete set
of commercial and personal works
done by one of the most demanded
Polish photographers - Jacek Poremba.

F11 job was focused on selecting final
set of photographs and put it in a proper
layout. Finally we did the huge job connected
with preparation for print and its management.

Book was titled "13" which is magical
number for the author and illustrates also
"magical" coincidences  that we met during
its publishing. 


  • book and albums layouts
  • concept/idea
  • postproduction & print preparation
  • professional scanning
  • preliminary project cost estimate
  • drafting of technical project parameters
  • selection of appropriate technology
  • preparation of technical specification
  • preparation of print material
  • project schedule drafting
  • printing, binding, postpress & quality control